Your vehicle’s steering and suspension are essential components of your ride, adding to the safety, performance, and comfort you feel as you drive. Unfortunately, though these parts often get overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance and repair. But when they are in need of replacing or servicing, too much time can pass by before we realize that our vehicle has become unsafe to operate due to faulty brakes or worn-out parts – which is why it’s important to recognize the signs that your steering and suspension may need attention. In this blog post, we discuss the warning signs that will help you know when it’s time for a checkup on your car’s steering and suspension system!

Signs that suggest your steering and suspension system may need attention include: 

Uneven tire wear

If you notice any unevenness in the tread pattern of your tires, this could be an indication that your steering or suspension needs some work. It’s important to pay close attention to the wear and tear on each side of the tire, as well as its overall shape – if it seems to be malformed or tilted in any way, then this could mean there is a problem with the alignment. 

Unusual noises when turning

Any type of noise while you turn should be taken seriously. Whether it sounds like creaking, squealing or grinding, these noises are likely an indication that something is wrong with your steering and suspension systems. 

Poorly handling car

If you find that your car is difficult to maneuver or handle, then this could be due to a problem with the steering and suspension. This issue can become more pronounced when cornering as the car may feel “loose” or drift in one direction too much for comfort. There might even be a feeling of instability during braking which indicates an alignment issue. 

Abnormal bouncing

If your car is abnormally bouncing or feels like it is riding a bucking bronco, then this could be an indication that your steering and suspension system needs to be checked out. It’s important to not ignore these signs since abnormal bouncing can cause you to lose control of the car while driving. This symptom could mean that your shock absorbers need to be replaced, as they play a key role in keeping your wheels firmly planted on the road and providing stability when cornering. 

If any of these warning signs sound familiar to you, then it’s time to take your car in for a checkup. Your mechanic will be able to identify any issues with the steering and suspension system and advise on the best course of action to make sure everything is running smoothly again! 

Remember – taking care of your steering and suspension systems should always be a priority, as they are essential for keeping you safe on the roads. If you notice any of these warning signs, don’t wait too long to get them checked out. A little bit of maintenance now can save you from bigger problems down the road! Contact us today at Pinecrest Shell. We’ll be happy to help get your car back on the road safely and smoothly through our top-notch service!

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