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Without the ability to control the temperature in your car’s cabin, it’s impossible to drive comfortably. We get that. Certainly, it is uncomfortable if you can’t get cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. If your car’s air conditioning unit is not running as it should, it signifies a wiring problem, a lack of a cooling agent, or a malfunctioning motor. Hence, it’s time to have trained air conditioning specialists inspect your vehicle’s air conditioner, all lines, the evaporator, and the compressor for leaks and wear.

At Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair, we’ll make sure your vents are blowing climate-controlled air in no time at all, backed by an AC and heating unit system that’s in full working condition. Our trusted technicians will make sure your AC is running optimally so that you’re not sweating your way from Point A to Point B.

Why You Need Heating & AC

A car isn’t just meant to transport you from one point to another. It should do this while keeping you comfortable. While it may take you some time to notice issues with your car, issues with your heating and cooling system are immediately noticeable. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a very important part of any vehicle. It provides comfort and quality air for the driver and passengers using the principle of thermodynamics.

Keeping you comfortable with a working heating and cooling system is one of the most pleasurable parts of traveling in a car. Taking the time to make sure your car’s heat and air conditioning are working optimally can guarantee the best performance and comfort over the long term. In addition, regular AC maintenance can reduce the risk of compressor failure and improve your car’s fuel efficiency, leaving more money in your wallet for summer fun.

What We Offer

Even if your car’s air conditioning is functioning well at present, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of your AC and heating system helps you successfully avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

Regular heater maintenance includes checking hoses and belts and ensuring the antifreeze is clean and filled to proper levels; it will help keep the whole system in good working order. You’ll recognize your most heating and air conditioning issues. Our car’s having heater or AC problems when you observe the following symptoms:

  • There’s an unpleasant or foreign smell coming from the heater or AC vents
  • The windshield and/or windows are fogging up
  • You can see antifreeze leaking in your car’s interior (check the passenger side floor!)
  • Your car suddenly needs a ton of coolant
  • You can’t feel any air blowing, or the air doesn’t get as cool as it used to
  • Your AC is making funny noises

Our technicians will need to pop the hood for most heating and air conditioning issues to find out what’s wrong. It’s important to us that we charge fair, competitive prices and are honest with our customers, so we take the time to diagnose the issue thoroughly and then determine the correct course of action and pricing from there.

Complete Auto Service in Alexandria

For more information on heating and air conditioning, and other services provided by Pinecrest Shell Auto & Repair, contact us today at 703-750-2991. Our team of professional auto mechanics are always happy to speak with new and returning clients. Our main goal is to have our clients safe and comfortable on the roads, which is why we go above and beyond to give you the best service possible. Schedule an appointment with one of our trusted mechanics, and see how your engine is doing.