If Your Engine Makes These Noises- Bring It In!

All drivers want a reliable car that allows them to get around easily, making it necessary to have a vehicle in excellent shape. Unfortunately, mechanical issues can occur under the hood at any time. You may hear a few common noises indicating it’s time to have it inspected by a qualified technician.

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How To Jumpstart Your Car In Case Of Emergency

If you’ve ever been stuck in your car with a dead battery, you’re probably familiar with the dread that comes over your body when you realize what’s going on. You are entirely helpless, and it can take hours to have someone come pick up your stranded vehicle. But there are a few simple things to do before starting up the engine that can help jump-start your car’s battery in an emergency.

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What To Do If Your Car Overheats

While driving to work or on a long journey, you may have experienced the terrifying sensation of overheating your car. If this happens to you, Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair has the expertise to identify the problem and get it fixed successfully.

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Spring Repairs For Your Car

One of the most important parts of any car is the springs. Springs hold your car’s weight, and in a perfect world, they would keep it from bouncing up and down too much. Unfortunately, springs can have issues from time to time.

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Why Emissions Inspections Are Important

As part of its effort to reduce air pollution, the federal Clean Air Act requires vehicle owners to have their emissions checked. Due to the EPA’s stringent emissions standards, many car owners have to regularly check their vehicles to ensure they’re not contributing to air pollution.

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5 Signs That You Need Your Brakes Serviced

Keeping your car in good condition by regularly servicing its parts is essential. One of the most important components of your car is the brake system. If you don’t service your brakes regularly, you could end up with costly repairs down the road. In this blog post, we will discuss five signs that indicate you need your brakes serviced. Keep an eye out for these signs and get your brakes serviced as soon as possible!

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7 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Car

The winter season is a time for staying indoors and restoring your vehicle. The cold and wetness of winter make grease or oil working their way into a machine’s joints, valves, or bearings easier to spot. It’s also easy to forget how 2 inches of snow on the ground can cause havoc with your car until you are stuck in it. Here are some things you should be aware of this winter that could cause damage to your car:

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Car Oil Change

Are You Keeping Up With Oil Changes?

Owning a car can be exciting. Knowing you can drive it anytime you want and go to new places makes it more exhilarating. You may have been dreaming of driving a car since you were a kid and now that it’s happening, you can’t be more excited. However, have you ever thought about the responsibilities of being a driver and a car owner? Well, you have probably realized that as a car owner, you are liable for your fuel as well as the overall condition of your car.

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Car Battery Pack

Everything You Need To Know About Car Batteries

While it is not necessary to learn all about car repairs and the in-depth mechanics when you own a vehicle, having the basic knowledge about it can be a very big help when navigating what to do next when something goes wrong. One particular car part that allows your car to function is your car’s battery. So what will happen if it fails? Read on to learn more about the heart of your vehicle — the battery. Read More