Preventative Maintenance

As its name implies, preventative maintenance is the regular maintenance performed on your car’s parts and equipment to ensure its good running condition and prevent more costly repairs.
Why is preventative maintenance important?

Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. It also helps extend the life expectancy of your car. Other reasons why a car preventative maintenance is important are as follows:

Saving money over the years is one of the many reasons why car owners bring their vehicles in car shops for preventative maintenance. It is better to pay for minor issues of your car than to overspend on a car issue which you could have prevented in the first place. For example, you may be paying for an oil change today, but it will also save you more money by making your car more fuel efficient.

Prevent more serious car issues
Preventative car maintenance will allow you to detect and address issues earlier. Sometimes, when the problem is still minor that you wouldn’t be able to notice it. However, car mechanics are well trained and expert enough to spot potential issues.

Retain your car’s value
Most car owners end up using their old cars to upgrade into a new one. Should you decide in the future to have your car sold, a well-maintained car will give you a higher resale value. Of course, a smart car buyer would prefer a vehicle that requires the least repair and maintenance.

What are the 3 types of preventative car maintenance that you should consider every year?
You can always bring your car to your trusted mechanic for its routine preventative maintenance. But to get the most out of your vehicle, here are the 3 types of preventative maintenance that you should consider for your car every year.

Oil change
Generally, an oil change is required after you reach 3000-5000 miles. However, there are factors that can change this requirement such as the model and make of your car. Failing to regularly have your car’s oil change can damage your car in the long run. Oil keeps the car’s engine system working efficiently. Over time, it can get thick and dirty because of the accumulation of grimes.

Tire alignment
Your car’s tire is one of the major components of your vehicle that is very important in keeping a safe and smooth driving experience. A typical tire will last for about 4-5 years or around 60,000 – 75,000 miles. However, like an oil change, this also depends on several factors such as your driving style. The tire tread can wear evenly resulting in steering problems. Worn out tires also pose more risk especially during bad weather. Make sure to rotate your tires regularly or bring your car to a mechanic for routine preventative maintenance.

Battery check
A dead battery is the main culprit of many cars dying in the middle of the road. While you may be able to check your car’s battery yourself, having it checked during your car’s preventative maintenance offers more benefits. A trained mechanic will be able to spot battery issues that might not be visible to you such as building up of contaminants.
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