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According to a car ownership statistics report published this year, about 91.3% of American households have at least one vehicle. Cars have been a vital part of Americans’ everyday living. It helps us move from one place to another, making it easier and faster. It also protects us from rain, heat from the sun, and cold; thus, making our travel as comfortable as possible. Like your other prized possessions, taking care of vehicles through preventative maintenance is crucial to keep their condition well.

Importance of car’s air filter

One of the more important things in preventive maintenance you should do to your car is changing its air filter. Your car’s air filter is a very important part of maintaining your vehicle’s performance, condition, and value. It is responsible for cleaning the air that enters the engine’s compartment by filtering small particles that may harm your engine. Because of its job, the air filter gets dirty and clogged up. When this happens, its airway will get blocked, resulting in the following problems:

  • Damaged engine

When your air filter is clogged up with dirt, there won’t be enough air to flow during the combustion cycle. Because of this, your engine will work twice harder when running, pulling air, including the dirt and small particles, through the restricted filter, which as a result, harms your engine system.

  • Fuel inefficiency

Since your engine is working more than what is intended in a dirty environment, it will also consume more fuel. 

Advantages of changing the air filter 

Changing your car’s air filter regularly will not just extend the life of your air filter but also offers the following advantages:

  • Boost fuel efficiency

A clean air filter allows air to flow smoothly during combustion and will not require your engine to work double time. This, in return, will allow your car to save fuel by as much as 14% and improve acceleration by up to 10%, depending on your car’s model. Now, what better reason would you still need to change your car’s air filter regularly?

  • Environment-friendly

Dark emissions happen when an incorrect air-fuel mixture is present because of the dirty and clogged air filters. Due to this, spark plugs can get polluted, leading to rough idle and other driving issues. 

  • Extend engine’s life

The most significant advantage you will get with a routine change of air filter is the protection you will give to your car’s engine. A clogged and damaged air filter can also affect and harm the engine’s internal parts, such as the cylinders and pistons. When left unfixed, this can lead to a more costly car repair. Changing the car’s air filter regularly can help you prevent this problem from occurring. 


Keeping your air filter clean is one of the easiest ways to protect your vehicle and extend its engine’s life. Should you need assistance in replacing your air filter and any other issues on your car, get in touch with the professional car mechanics from Pinecrest Shell. 

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