One of the most important parts of any car is the springs. Springs hold your car’s weight, and in a perfect world, they would keep it from bouncing up and down too much. Unfortunately, springs can have issues from time to time.

What Are Springs?

A spring is a device that has the ability to return to its original shape after being compressed.

Cars use springs in their suspension systems. Springs hold a car’s weight and prevent it from bouncing too much.

Causes of Car Spring Issues

Cars can experience issues with their springs for a few different reasons. One of the most common causes is that your car’s tires failing to grip the road properly. If your tires are losing grip, this could lead to major problems like skids and loss of control.

The other common cause of spring issues is being worn out or broken. Older springs can wear out after thousands of miles of use, meaning it’s time to replace them.

What to Do When You Have Car Spring Issues

If you notice that your springs are making a lot of noise, it is likely that the springs have shifted. You should contact a mechanic or get your car looked at as soon as possible. Another common reason for spring noise is when they are stretched out too much. If you notice this, you should make sure to get them replaced.

There are plenty of other things that could be causing your car’s springs to make noise. It could be something as simple as a loose bolt in the suspension system, so getting your car looked at immediately is essential.

Where Can You Find The Parts to Fix Your Car’s Springs?

Depending on what exactly is wrong with your springs, you may need to find a spring shop that specializes in the specific problem. These shops are usually located near auto dealerships, so if you live nearby, it may be easier for you to stop by.

If you cannot find a store near you, you can always buy the parts online. It’s not as convenient as physically going into a store, but it’s still worth considering. You can find these kinds of parts at sites like eBay or Amazon. It’s even possible to purchase them from small mom-and-pop repair shops in your area that don’t specialize in car repairs.

How to Install New Springs

If your springs are too old and rusted, you’ll need to replace them. If they’re just a little bent, try getting new ones. The process is pretty straightforward: remove the old springs, install the new ones, and put it all back together.

When you’re removing the old springs, try to do it gently. It’s best to use a spring compressor so that you don’t damage the car’s suspension system.

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