Check engine light

Your car can be a trusty device for your daily commute, but it can also be a hassle. Many people may feel anxious when they see their check engine light come on, and some choose to ignore it for as long as they can.

That light is telling you that something is amiss within your vehicle. If you ignore that light, however, there’s probably nothing wrong with your car – at least not right now. But if you leave it on for extended durations of time, then those problems could worsen. They could become severe enough to require expensive repairs or even the replacement of components like the engine or transmission.

What could be the problem?

When you check the engine light comes on, it could mean some issues with your engine. That’s when it takes your car to start using up its recommended fuel-per-mile, which means you’re probably wasting money on gas that you could be putting towards paying down your vehicle loan. Some of the common reasons for engine check lights are:

  • Emission problems – Your car has a problem with harmful emissions from the exhaust. The vehicle may be emitting carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other exhaust emissions that can cause you to see a Check Engine Light on your dashboard.
  • Engine problems – You may have a problem with your engine performance or other components of your car that could affect how the engine works.
  • Fuel system problems – Several problems associated with your fuel system can cause Check Engine Light to appear on your dashboard.
  • A missing gas cap could also cause a Check Engine Light to appear on your dashboard.

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