As a full-service auto repair shop in Alexandria, VA, Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair provides repairs and services to all types of cars. Whether you need just an oil change, major repair, Virginia State Inspection, or maintenance, call or visit Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair. We believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.

Automotive Repair

We offer our customers oil change and regular maintenance reminders in order to provide the best auto service. Pinecrest Shell also does courtesy maintenance and auto repair calls throughout Alexandria, VA. Automobile maintenance is specific to the make and model of your vehicle. Our service staff would be happy to discuss your personal maintenance requirements and schedule your next service.

At Pinecrest Shell, we want to keep your car running strong for a long time. We offer some maintenance items that are relatively inexpensive that will help to extend the life of your automobile.

If you haven’t performed maintenance in a while, now is the time in order to avoid costly auto repairs. Pinecrest Shell is able to serve your needs as soon as you need it. Whether it’s a problem in the car’s performance or appearance, our car repair and auto shop in Alexandria, VA is where you get everything fixed.

Gas Station & Convenience Store

Pull over to re-energize at Pinecrest Shell at our convenience store, gas, full-service repairs and a comfortable waiting room. Discover everything you need at our convenience store, not just a gas station. We offer everything from candy and coffee. Don’t forget to recharge with a nice cold drink, including water, soda, and a variety of snacks.

Open seven days a week, and we offer clean restrooms, convenient shop, and complete automotive service.

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Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair
Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair