As a Virginia state inspection center, Pinecrest Shell provides A ONE-STOP SOURCE state inspections in Alexandria, VA and Washington DC metro area with additional necessary repairs. Licensed by the state, we will ensure your vehicle conforms to the regulations governing safety and emissions. If we find something amiss, we will discuss the situation with you, and can initiate repairs upon your say-so.

A Brief Introduction to Virginia Auto Inspections

If you’re a new to Virginia, a vehicle inspection of your car should be your priority. There’s a safety inspection, which you must do immediately, and an emission test, which you must do within 30 days of moving to the state.

As for residents of Virginia, all vehicles must undergo annual inspections. Emission inspections must be conducted prior to registration, and every two years. You should also know that there are inspection exemptions.

Refer to the DMV’s website for an in-depth clarification of Virginia’s safety and emission inspections.

Supporting a Higher Standard

Every car should have their regular inspections because it maintains the safety and emission standards on the road. It leads to a safer driving experience for everyone. The inspections are reasonably priced, as well, so it wouldn’t take as much from you.

If you can subscribe to a higher standard for your car, it would last longer and you’ll have less to worry about. We will advise you before doing any repair, anyway, so you’ll know what to do first.

Our mechanics can help you in all aspects of vehicle inspection. Not only can they perform any repair you need, they can provide advice on looking after your car.

Pinecrest Shell can be your go-to vehicle inspection center in Alexandria, VA. Your car is in safe, thorough hands with our technicians. Schedule a visit today.

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