An oil change is a simple auto service, but when performed regularly, it can help extend your engine’s life and enhance your car’s overall performance. At Pinecrest Shell, we provide professional oil change to help maintain the optimal performance of your car.

The oil in your car does a lot to keep it running smoothly. Its most important job is to lubricate thousands of engine components that work together to run your car. Plus, as the oil moves around the engine, it helps carry heat away from your engine.

Unfortunately, as the oil moves around, it picks up dirt, too. Over time, the oil becomes too dirty to be effective, causing your engine to overheat and run less efficiently.

Do not skip your next oil change. Drive to Pinecrest Shell today, get your car oil changed, and even receive oil change coupons from Alexandria, VA’s leading one-stop auto shop.




Over the years, we’ve been the go-to place for professional oil change services in Alexandria. After all, we provide:

  • Convenience

While you can change your car’s oil on your own, it will take too much time and energy. You also risk making serious mistakes by rushing the process. But when you bring your car to us, your oil change won’t take long. You’ll be back on the road in no time, with your car engine back to its smoothest strokes and acceleration.

  • Expertise

Our certified mechanics provide more than the routine oil change. They will help you understand better why you need an oil change, why it takes a certain amount of time before your next oil change,and what types of engine oil work best for your car.

Plus, with a trained eye, our mechanics can easily spot issues on your vehicle, including those that aren’t directly involved in the oil change process. By having our team catch the problem early, you can save hundreds of dollars in major repair bills.

  • Perks

We know the importance of having your car’s oil changed regularly. We provide coupons so you can get a discount on your next oil change service at our shop. Let us help you maintain your car engine’s impressive performance.


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Often, car owner’s manuals recommend two or more motor oil viscosities for an engine. The logic behind this is that engines need oils with different viscosity or thicknesslevels so they can work on various temperature conditions.

The oil’s main job is to lubricate the moving metal parts of an engine to keep them all running efficiently. Thismeans, oil has to move around the engine with ease. In cold temperature, however, oil with high viscosity tends to get too thick to flow, causing the car to have trouble starting up. On the flip side, oil with low viscosity thins out at higher temperatures, leaving engine parts exposed to metal-on-metal contact.

Multi-grade oils are available to avoid this problem. Instead of being in one particular viscosity level at all times, these oils change their thickness level depending on temperature. They also meet the specifications established by virtually all vehicle manufacturers.

At Pinecrest Shell, we use premium multi-grade oils for oil change services. Come to our shop today, and we’ll guide you in picking out the right type of multi-grade oil for your car.




Before, it was typical to change the oil of a car every 3,000 miles. But with modern lubricants, many engines today only need an oil change every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. You can check your owner’s manual for recommendations on oil change intervals. If you’re unsure when your next oil change is due, we’re here to help.

For Older Cars

Many older cars follow oil change intervals based on mileage and maintenance schedules.

The maintenance schedules are divided into two categories: one for cars that owners drive under normal operations and another for those used under severe service conditions. The latter category involves using your car to tow a trailer, carry heavy loads, complete regular short trips, or drive it under extreme temperatures.

Older cars used for more intense service need a more frequent oil change schedule than those that operate under normal conditions.

For New Cars

Most late-model cars have oil-life monitoring systems that notify the owner whenever oil change is needed. On the other hand, cars with simpler systems follow time and mileage-based intervals.

Every car has different oil change needs. With us, you will know these with certainty.


Never skip your next oil change. After all, our certified mechanics are here to make sure your engine has clean, working oil to run at its optimum performance. Bring your car to our one-stop shop in Alexandria, VA, and get oil change coupons you can use for your next oil change.


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